Our Services

  • House refurbishment
  • Kitchen renovation
  • Bathroom renovation
  • Lofts and extensions
  • Interior & Exterior Painting and Decorating
  • Domestic & Commercial
  • Wallpaper Hanging
  • Coving & Skirting fitting
  • Joinery repairs
  • Masonry repairs
  • Window & door renovation and repairs
  • Plumbing & electrical works

For any inquiries about our services, please give us a call or email us and we will be happy to provide a no obligation quote.

We Offer Every Service You Could Need

Our services cover all your small and large projects. We offer you renovation services at every level from the minor to the ambitious. Some refurbishments impact on the way you live and suit new and static home owners, while others improve your return on investment by up to 200 per cent, making them ideal before a resale. If you have ideas for your home's improvement, we can help you to put them into action. If you're unsure about the changes you'd like, we will help you to develop your goals over a cup of coffee.


A fresh coat of paint can give you a 90 per cent return on investment and reinvents the look and feel of your home. Our professionals have years of painting experience and they emphasise neatness, leaving your furniture


The roof of your home is unique in that it has challenging practical elements but also changes the look of your house's exterior and garden. Our roofing team has decades of experience with your neighbourhood

and plumbing clear of paint. Our expert in-office guidance will help you to use wall colour to change the spaciousness and illusion of light in your space.

weather, which means we will overcome the expensive damage that extreme temperature causes. Our roofs have no weak spots, leaving you insured and guaranteed of lasting quality.


Our electricians are NICEIC registered, which means they conform to high safety and competency standards that come with the NGO's insurance backed warrantee. Our electric work is done without the stops and 


Flooring has undergone some exciting new changes, bringing back high quality hand-treated materials and budget-friendly options that mimic natural resources. The increasing number of options for materials is

starts that can come with costly bills. We are experienced enough to set a functional schedule that won’t need changing unless you want it to. We are qualified to give your electrics the green-friendly stamp by bringing you the most power-efficient options.

difficult to navigate, so use our online guide to introduce you to all the possibilities. Our flooring experts offer licensed installation that outlasts heavy wear and tear. We are capable of the range of skills needed for the many flooring requirements in this niche.


An unqualified plumber can cause more damage than the plumbing or gas problem itself. Our plumbers have gas-safe certification and can handle practical and up-to-date projects, bringing you an invisible,


Kitchens are the center of any home, we can help with any building need you may have for your kitchen. From a simple cosmetic refresh to an install of a brand new and custom made kitchen. We can help you build

water and power efficient system that comes with lower monthly bills. We’re well established in the community, so we can serve you better, with guaranteed, insured results…and we won’t leave muddy footprints all over your carpet.

a kitchen that suits your lifestyle and we aim to do it as quickly and with as little hassle as possible. We fit and install both electric and gas ovens, microwaves, sinks, dishwashers and any other appliances right into your kitchen to make them blend into your new kitchen.


You don’t need to understand the difference between taupe and beige when you’re working with our decorating team. We are cautious listeners who can match your style and incorporate it into your home. By


Bathrooms are one of the areas that really add value to a home, a large spacious clean bathroom is highly desired. We can help you with whatever style of bathroom you want, from a minimal wet room to a classical 

understanding the difference between classic and trendy, we help you to build a look that will last. Even better, we’ll do it according to a timetable, your budget, and your convenience.

escape. As we employ plumbers, tilers and builders who have worked together for years our work is always to a high quality finish and completed much faster than others.